5 summer secrets

Let me tell you my 5 summer secrets for plus size fashion tricks. You might want to reconsider buying those items after reading this.

Have you ever not bought an item because you think you wouldn’t feel comfortable in it in summertime? I know how you feel so I decided to tell you my tricks!

bare legsbare legs

There is no real trick in convincing you to wear bare legs in summer. However I do think everybody can do this, but you have to feel happy with this. In order to do so you should take care of those legs. Once you feel prettier, you will look prettier. It’s a simple rule, but believe me it works!

skirts & dressesshort legging

How do those women do this? Walking around the whole day in these lovely skirts and dresses with their bare legs? I don’t know about you, but my thigh gap is invisible, so this doesn’t work for me. My secret? Wear a bicycle short from cotton underneath your skirt or dress. This is just perfect, no uncomfortable thigh clashing but still a short skirt or dress. It’s also great for when your skirt goes up accidentally. Click on the shorts to go to the webshop immediately, it’s available in black and white and is made of viscose stretch.


Of course you have to get over that whole I don’t like my arms thing or else this won’t work. There are plenty of good brands who sell plus size strapless bras. If you have the right one and it fits comfortable you are there. Now all you need is a great strapless top or dress. Of course some items can be worn with a regular bra underneath and will look great, but showing of those beautiful shoulders and neckline can really be prettier with strapless. Go for it!

zomerse trucsbikini or one piece?

My perfect solution for this is the tankini. I just love it but unfortunately you have to put some effort into finding the right one. Some have a short body and is still showing your skin. Search a bit more and find the right one which tucks into the bottom. What I do when I am on the beach and lying down -and don’t have so much gravity issues- I pull up the top part and I have my bikini. When going for a swim I just put it back down. This way I have a one piece and bikini in one!


zomerse trucs

Very important for every woman, buy a sarong. This is a large cotton blanket, which you can wear in many ways. It’s great as a skirt on the beach, as a scarf for burned shoulders or just as a little dress when going for lunch by the pool. This way you can easily hide the parts you’re insecure about when strolling along the beach.

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