Rooibos for the face

Rooibos for the face

Rooibos isn’t just a tea flavour, it’s also very good for your skin

A while ago I received a parcel with drie beautiful products it from African Extracts. A brand I had never heard of before, so I was exited because I love to try out new things. Normally I don’t switch beauty products so it’s not that strange that I don’t know a new name.

African Extracts

The name already says it all, a brand which is originally from South Africa. It’s being produced there and also the main ingredients come from Africa. The natural ingredients are what caught my attention as I’ve stopped using products with lots of wrong stuff in it. These products have been dermatological tested and has not been tested on animals. Only good things so far!


No bags of tea but actual products with rooibos in it. The tea is not my thing but I’m aware of the great impact this ingredient has on the body. It’s has a high level of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It results in a softer skin and has a positive effect on spots and acne skin.

African Extracts Rooibos products use an advanced extract of fresh, green rooibos produced at a sophisticated extraction plant by Rooibos SA technicians, right in the heart of the growing region. This straight from the field to the extraction process ensures that the highest levels of antioxidants – as much as 40% by volume – are captured in the extract.

face wash

The first step is the face wash to take off all make up and more. The deep cleansing stands for cleaning the face and taking off all make up. However I prefer to remove my eye make up with a special milk so I only used it for my face itself. I wash my hands and apply a little on my wet hands. With a circling movement I apply it on my face and wash it off with water. You only need a little bit, like shown in the photo. The product doesn’t foam much and has a fresh scent.


What I liked about this when I first opened it, that there is an extra lid. So you know for a fact that it’s clean and nobody else has touched it. Somehow this felt like true luxury to me. It’s a large tube so I’m expecting to use it for a long period of time. Each time I only needed a little bit, as shown on the photos below.

  • deep cleaning face wash with bio-active Rooibos ‘classic care’
  • 150 ml
  • € 8,80

review The product is very liquid so you only need a little bit. It doesn’t really foam as much as I like it to do but it does its work. It’s easy to use, it spreads evenly and also washing off goes quickly. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and there is only a little out of the tube so far. It cleans my face properly, leaving a tight but clean feeling. The scent is very strong and could be a little less in my opinion. Though I didn’t got any allergies using the product.


The second step is this refreshing toner which you apply with a cotton pad after cleaning your face with the face wash. This product is also very liquid and you only need a little bit. Refreshing, like the name says it, it is. It has a very fresh scent and a light product. The cotton pad remained white after taking it over my face, so you could say the face wash works. Doesn’t this feel great, a clean skin?

rooibos voor je huidrooibos voor je huid

By using the toner your skin can absurd the cream better, which will be step 3. It’s not like it feels you’re doing something good for your skin, but somehow it is. I’ve been using a similar product for the past 16 months so I just keep on doing this step. This toner is alcohol free and doesn’t affect anything when you have spots or skin irritations.

  • refreshing toner with bio-active Rooibos ‘classic care’
  • 250 ml
  • € 8,80

review for years I’ve been using an old fashioned tonic so applying a cotton pad over my face is in my routine. Like I said, I’ve used a toner for the while and now this one so I will continue doing so. Though I really don’t notice any real difference, but that’s because in the past I also didn’t use cream daily. Seriously, I know! Again the scent is pretty strong but since it’s a light product oi don’t really notice. I used it and it didn’t leave any irritations.

day cream

The last and final step is the day cream. This monstering cream has a SPF 15 factor which is perfect for daily use. Added are vitamines C and E. It’s a heavy cream and of a thicker structure as I expected it to be, also comparing it to the first 2 steps products. It has a fresh scent, a little lighter and absorbs to the skin quickly and divides easily.

rooibos voor je huid

Before using this product I had to remove another lid, that feeling of luxury. I just love to open something and use it for the first time, it feels so fancy. You only need a little bit as it’s a full product, as you can see in the photos below. It absorbs quickly which I didn’t expect it to be. The scent is like the other products only less heavy.The most important ingredients are Green Rooibos, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

  • SPF15 moisturising day cream with bio-active Rooibos ‘classic care’
  • 75 ml
  • € 16,80

review the cream is very full, very heavy. I’m not really good with day creams so I’m not the person to review this I guess. I’ve used it for about a week but it was too heavy for me so I stopped. It’s probably a good product for when it’s winter time and my skin needs a little extra care. The substance feels good, it feel heavy but it divided evenly.

where to shop?

These products are hot in Africa but are also available here. For Dutch details check out Natuurlijk Rooibos. Make sure to check the three step combination which is on sale right now! There is also a line for the mature skin which is called AdvantAge.



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