the right shampoo

the right shampoo

Using the right shampoo can really make a difference

If you follow me on instagram you’ve noticed I went to the hair dresser a while ago. To be honest, I don’t go that often, especially after my lay visit. It was cut a lot shorter then we agreed on so my faith in hair dressers was not that good. I went back to my previous salon and was happy I did so. I told her I wanted a regular treatment but also some information on hair extensions.

talk with the hair dresser

Why extentions? Lately my hair got a lot thinner. Time for some good advise. What surprised me was the first question “what do you use for your face?”. My face, what does that have to do with it? I love to use products which don’t have unnecessary additives, like silcones and parabeens. What does that have to do with anything? When the second question followed it suddenly hit me “what do you use for your hair?”. Wel I just use something from the store, a repair shampoo. At the moment it’s Dove. Oh right, so I do all the effort for my face for nothing for my hair.



What’s good to know, I first for a hair mask to take out all the silicones. That’s what was making my hair so heavy and the reason for lacking volume. My hair was washed with this special plumping shampoo and she also used a conditioner, which I always blame for making my hair do down. Not anymore, you need to use this to close up the hair after using the shampoo. I just use it mostly at the hair ends actually. They sell big bottles but since it’s not that cheap, I started out with a starter kit. I’ve use it the last three weeks and I’m really happy with it. My hair has more volume, less fizz, and I use a lot less other hair products. sorry for the blurry selfie 

shampoo makes a difference

Something I’ve been avoiding for many years is hair salon shampoo. I just always figured it was a trick to sell hair products, but since I use this shampoo I really notice a difference. My hair dresser advised this Kevin Murphy shampoo, especially for hair that’s getting thinner and needs more volume. It’s called Plumping Wash, it also helps avoiding loosing more hair. In December is my birthday so this is the perfect present! Would you like to test it, then just check with your salon for the smaller bottles to test it. Next time I will buy a big bottle of shampoo and a smaller conditioner as this is also how I use it, two shampoo versus one conditioner.

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