review: styletone box march 2017

review: styletone box march 2017

What was in the third Styletone Box in March and will this be my last one?

Last week I received my third and last Styletone Box, the March box which was filled wich five full items. Are you curious to know if I will keep the box or not? Let’s go through all items.

Styletone Box maart

bellápierre cosmetics | kiss proof lip cream

There are three different colours available of this lipstick, or lip cream as they call it. I received the color hothead, which is a red-pink color and it’s a beautiful bright and bold color. Here you can see it on my hand but I’ve also tried it on my lips and it’s longlassing as they’re promising. Though I haven’t worn it a lot lately, and no, I also didn’t do the kiss proof test, lol! Besides this color there is also a nude color, which is a light beige tone and the color orchid, which is a deep purple color. By now I have so many lipsticks, it’s actually too many.

Styletone Box maart

lookx | blender brush

Oh yes, a girl can never have too many make up brushes right? Well, at least I don’t so I was happy to see another brush in this months’ box. This is a blender brush, the name says it all, it’s a little brush which helps blending your eye make up. I like to use it to highlight my eyes, on the inner corner of my eye as well as under my eyebrows. This way I can keep my blender brush for the darker colours and use this one for the high lighters. Its size is perfect to reach to those smaller areas and to cover smaller areas.

Styletone Box Styletone Box

city color | eye brow kit

The brows are holy when it comes to make up so the products I use for them have to be perfect. For years I have used a pencil to apply on my eyebrows and nowadays I use a dipbrow but never a powder. Which is funny because when I do someone else’s make up I always use a powder. The colors in this palette are just perfect. They aren’t too brown because often this looks too red-ish and the lighter tones aren’t too yellow. These taupe tones are just perfect and the primer is actually a wax to keep the hairs in place, though I don’t use this.

Styletone Box

hikari cosmetics | final touch pressed silica powder

As you can see I couldn’t really try out this pressed finishing powder as it arrived broken. This is a pity because I was looking for a new pressed powder and this one has such nice criteria. It promises to keep you matte all day, don’t we want that all? Also it works like a real life filter, so no wrinkles or fine lines visible.  Oh yes, we need this, too bad it’s broken. I understood that we will receive a replacement products from Styletone.

Styletone Box

note | ultra black dipliner

Just when I bought a new dipliner for the first time in a decade, I receive one in my box. Oh well, perhaps it’s a sign that I should be wearing the dip eyeliner more often. The color is as they say, ultra black indeed, very intense. The brush is nice and easy to use, also it almost seems waterproof as well. I always have to get the hang of it when using a new product and a new brush, but it works after some practice.

Styletone box

I started out with the Styletone box subscription for three months, which means I just had my last box. I am doubting if I will order a new box, as I have a million lipsticks by now. Though I love make up, discovering new brands and the idea that all products are silicone free and not tested on animals is important to me. What do you think I should do? It’s not expensive and it’s a great gift by the way!

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have you tried such a beauty box before?

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  • 7 September 2017 06:03

    I received the same Kiss Proof Lip Creme from Bellapierre with my March Cherry box, but in different shade!

  • 16 June 2017 23:24

    I received the same Kiss Proof Lip Creme from Bellapierre with my March Cherry box, but in different shade!

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