review: NYC Get it All fond de teint

review: NYC Get it All fond de teint

Help! It’s like I’m 16 again. Had to find the right coverage for blemishes and tried it with NYC Get it All fond de teint

I have no idea how I got them and I just want to get rid of it, or at least cover it up. The blemishes on my foreheasd are serious business. Let’s hope they leave just as quick as they got here.


Shit, it’s like I’m 16 all over again which is half a lifetime ago for me. Perhaps it’s because I recently baught a scooter -which I never was allowed to have when I wass 16- and my skin is re-living puberty. Perhaps that’s a little farfetched but I don’t know what else it could be. I didn’t change my diet, haven’t changed creams or beauty products so it’s probably hormones and stress. Whatever it is, please go away.

review: NYC Get it All fond de teint 
the spots are red and very visible

cover up

Of course I want it to go away but I will be stuck with it for at least 4-5 days as those kind of spots don’t go quickly in my case. Make up on the forehead can be very visible and it has to be done precisely. It was just weeks ago that I’ve had such a dramatic infection in that same area that I realised I never really use make up on my forehead. Just a quick brush over it, that’s all. So I shopped this brand NYC, which I never tried before. A new budget trial.

NYC Get it All fond de teint  NYC Get it All fond de teint 

At first I was just planning to buy my old cover up stick again but it was sold out and I ‘needed’ something. I found this big cover stick from NYC, which is short for New York Color and is from the USA. Actually it’s not a cover stick but a foundation, how smart, no liquids! I thought it would be a good match for my BB cream, whenever I needed more coverage. I imagined it to be easy to apply, because with the heat of my hands it would be easy to divide.

review: NYC Get it All fond de teint 
after using the NYC foundationstick


The spots on my forehead are mostly red but didn’t have rough edges so I was positive for a natural look. At first I applied it with my figers so that the product gets a little warm and divided evenly. This area is so hard to cover up nicely without showing too much product. The coverage was not good enough so I tried it again with a small foundation brush. Unfortunately the result was not yet good enough, see the photo above.

  • color 202 honey beige
  • € 4,99
  • 7 gram

The result, it’s not a cover stick like I hoped it to be as the coverage is not good enough. It’s a nice foundation however and I love the end result on  my skin, the color is nice as well and the handfeel too. To cover up all details I ended up adding my old cover stick which has a much better result, see photo below. I will be using it for the reas I want some extra coverage, when my daily BB cream is not sufficient. It’s covering but you still see some wreckles and spots, which gives a natural look. The look below is my standard BB cream, a mattifying powder (later on contour but not on this photo).

review: NYC Get it All fond de teint 
the look like I wanted it, almost full coverage


what product do you use to cover up blemishes?

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