RAU cosmetics hand care

RAU cosmetics hand care

review: RAU cosmetics hand care + GIVEAWAY (gesloten)

When the temperature starts to drop, my hands start falling apart. I’m not exaggerating, it really happens. I wanted to show you but the photos looked really unappealing so I kept you from this. So what happens? It gets colder -not even ice cold- and I get these lose skin parts all over my hands and fingers. Slowly the skin gets thiner and I end up with open wounds which look awful, even worse, are painful as well. Each year I tell myself to start using hand creams to prevent this, but somehow I always notice it when it’s too late.

RAU hand creme

I know why I forget, because I just don’t like to use creams. Really, I avoid creams on daily basis. I don’t like the feel of it, it’s like there’s thin layer on my skin which I feel all day. When I reviewed the BB cream from RAU cosmetics I already told you guys how happy I was that it doesn’t have this effect on my face. Why not try other products, perhaps it has the same effect? So I did. I received the Silver hand care for my hands about two weeks ago. I started trying it and it was very suiting to my skin. No layer, no leftovers and best of all, the wounds were healing and starting to disappear. I also didn’t mind applying the cream a couple of times a day. I can really recommend it. I also shopped this hand care for my mom, the BB cream for my sister and gave it for Christmas. Would you like to try these products as well? Shop online and use the code theBiggerBlog24 and receive 5% discount 


The holidays aren’t over yet because I can share some presents with you! How I love to do this. One of you can be the lucky winner of the Silver Hand Care cream and Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid mask. What do you have to do? Leave a message below & apply for the newsletter and perhaps you will win this cute package from RAU cosmetics. You can enter up to Sunday January first, till midnight. The winner will receive a personal message, so make sure to leave your email address.

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about RAU cosmetics

Perhaps it’s nice to get some more details about this brand. The reason why I really love it, is because of their good products. Let’s face it, a product which I so nice you want to re-order is a good product in my opinion. I use them on daily basis and they do what they say. Also it’s good to know that all products are free of parabenes and silicones. Something I focus on more and more nowadays. Another important fact is that this brand doesn’t do any animal testing. Honest products, made in Europe.

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