pretty different

pretty different

Why go for basics when you can also just be yourself? Pretty different!

In the new year I decided to change my outfits even more often and not always go for the same. When I am at home -which is a lot lately- I tend to wear the same, because it’s easy and convenient. But to be honest, that’s not me at all. I love variations and normally there isn’t a day that I don’t love to dress up. Dressing up is something you do for yourself right? So this cute dress was added to my wardrobe, pretty different in a polka dot. And it’s also a true shop your shape item!

pretty differentpretty different pretty different

In the past I have worked at the head office for this brand, DIDI. My role was product developer and I worked with the design team. When I got the invitation for a collaboration I was exited to see what my old colleagues had developed. Making the photos was also a trip down memory lane because we lived in Dordrecht for many years and this was our old neighbourhood. It was freezing that day, especially at the waterfront wearing just a cute dress and tights, but I love how the photos turned out.

“shop your shape, not your size” – Josine Wille

The Dutch brand DIDI can only be bought in Holland and is a straight size brand. However they do have a lot of items which have a wide fit, so shop your shape and not your size. Just try on and see how far you can get. Especially with knitwear and jerseys but this time, it even applied to this woven dress. It’s the biggest size and is a bit tight on the hips but fits me perfectly. I love the polkadot dessin which is original and a print you don’t see everywhere. Subtle but small are the irregular polkadots on my tights which don’t match and therefor do match, lol.

pretty different pretty different pretty different

When I went into the store my eyes caught this print immediately but when I saw it’s a non-stretch I had my doubts. Together with the ladies from the shop we decided to just go into the fitting room and try on some different items. I was so positively surprised to see the dress just fits me well and is also comfortable. It’s a bit tighter on the hips compared to what I usually wear but it fits me well. This is a size XXL and I’m wearing it high waisted with the belt knotted. But it’s also an option to wear it straight.



dress c/o DIDI
tights zizzi
boots & belt Primark
bakery hat Bershka


different look with this brand:


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