my style; preppy chic style

my style; preppy chic style

If I could only pick one style for myself, it would be this preppy chic style

A different style each day is more like me, I love to vary in my outfits. Wearing the same style each day is boring, right? The other day someone asked me what my style is? Surprised by my own lack of reply I told her that my style is that what comes to mind in the morning when getting dressed. So I started to think about it some more. I guess there would be one style which is typically me, in what I always feel really me. Probably it’s best described as preppy, with a skater dress or skirt and a fitted top because in this I really feel like myself.

preppy chic style

Honestly, this dress has been hanging in my closet for a while and I received it from the German webshop Bonprix. It fitted me too wide so I haven’t worn it before and then summer came and it was just too warm outside to be wearing such a dress. Since my pregnancy I had to check my fall and winter wardrobe and see what would fit me the coming period. It was hard work, checking everything. Also a bit depressing, as this season my style is booming and now I have to improvise. Though not complaining, don’t get me wrong!

So I found this dress in my closet and decided to try it on and it fitted my perfectly now. That wide fit and loose waistline was now filled up with the baby bump! It wears so comfortable as it’s made from a heave stretch jersey quality. The dress has a nice drape and only has a cutseam at the waist which is now a bit odd placed, but I could made it work. It’s a wide fit as this is a European site 48/50 which I normally wear but I could easily had one size smaller as well. The sleeves and and collar are made from woven poplin and are firmer and look really nice. Also a plus, I have washed the dress several times and the black doesn’t bleed onto the white parts.

How about these cute tights! I bought these last year and have been wearing them all the time, even combining them with printed items. The fit is perfect and the material has a cotton handfeel to it. Also it has a lot of stretch and a matte finish, which I always find a lot prettier. Last year I bought about four pairs, I wear a size M. By the way, I always wear my tights backwards so that the double seam is at front as I don’t like the way it wears the regular way. The baret I bought recently at C&A, which makes it even more preppy! The pale pink color is perfect.

dress c/o Bonprix [shop here]
tights zizzi [shop here]
baret C&A
boots & belt Primark

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