preggo in polkadots

preggo in polkadots

Who said that maternity wear is always boring? Polkadots are my favourite this summer!

There it is, my very first fashion post wearing maternity wear. No boring grey, no basic blacks and solids. This bright red polkadot dress is perfect for my first preggo look. I’ve shared some items already on my instagram account via my stories but this is the first look I’ve shot. Despite all the changes in my body and the changing shape, I felt feminine and beautiful in this look.

preggo in polkadots

At first I was planning to be wearing my own clothing for as long as possible. Above all, pregnant women or new mommy’s tell me that maternity wear is hideous. So I wasn’t really up to searching pregnancy clothing in plussize and I had to be prepared for the worst. Though I would imagined it would be the same as years back, when I wanted to shop fashionable plussize fashion in my size EU 48 (UK 20). So it surprised me that there were brands which sell my size and even up to a size UK 32. And yes, even a polkadot!

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That it exists doesn’t mean it’s nice to wear. Just like there has been plussize fashion for years and we also didn’t like all those options. Soon it was clear to me that in this case size was not the issue, from straight sizes all the way to plussize, most of the preggo wear is plain. Thank god for the Brits because they do dare to put a woman in a fashionable look at any shape or size. So it was in these webshops I found the nicest things, among them this cute dress. So I ordered a huge bunch but nothing fitted me properly, wether it was hormones or not, all was returned. What I never do is buy something too wide or too small based on future shapes, I want to wear it now!

preggo in polkadotspreggo in polkadots preggo in polkadots

After having doubts I ordered a second bunch, this time in a size smaller. Normally I am a size 20 or 22 on the hips but with maternity wear the shape of a garment is so different. My top parts is at least a size smaller and I have noticed that this is the size you should order in the land of maternity. Therefor I got the items in a size UK 18 and EU 46 and fitted me much better, especially those of jersey. The wovens were also okay but often too tight on the upper arms.

This dress is a size UK 18 as well and fits me perfectly, just a but short. I liked the dress so much that I didn’t mind. Besides, I wear shorts underneath anyways so there is no peeking in inproper places so to say! The dress is perfect for now as it long sleeves and an off should collar. It was too warm for summer so I love to wear it now and later on with a short biker jacket to cover up the shoulders. There is plenty room for a growing belly over there anyway! These boots I had already; trying to enjoy my last moments of wearing heels!

dress asos maternity
purse river island
boots primark
necklace H&M
sunnies boutique shop

fun read: this polkadot dress is not maternity wear but belly proof:

palm trees & polka dots

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