Never out of style, the dot print also know as polkadot. The perfect dress for a warm day in Taormina, Sicily

Far away, somewhere in the ocean is an island with a volcano! I went to Sicily for the first time and was so amazed, it’s so beautiful. Everywhere I looked: pretty allies and cute balconies. It was a holiday to get some rest so I held back in making photos but I couldn’t resist. During our walk through Taormina we quickly made photos.

polkadot polkadotpolkadot

If you follow me on instagram you saw this dress already. Here I wrote that lately I’m more insecure then before. Especially on my upper arms, suddenly they are so big! Of course they’ve always been like this, but suddenly I see that as a problem. Perhaps it’s because I look at myself too much being online. Or that I look too much at others (hello social media!). I don’t compare myself to others, but perhaps without knowing it I do, a little. Though despite all this I mostly wear whatever I want.

“do what makes you happy”

So this dress took me some days (and courage) but finally I did it and felt pretty awesome.post like this is something I really like as it’s spontoneous. I was wearing this outfit that day and I quickly asked to make these photos. It’s on the parking area near the cable cart, nothing special. Like I said before, each corner has something unique and carateritic. So when I normally take a lot of effort into making nice pictures, this one just came up as we went along. So this is me, on holiday in my all time favourite print which is the polkadot.



When I ordered the dress I was expecting it not to fit. It’s a size EU46 from the regular collection but I wanted to try it anyway. I love polka-dots and red is also a new favorite. The fit suited me well, the V-neck and ruffles make it very feminine and the bottom has a round cut. The sides are little short but I’m wearing short leggings underneath.


dress H&M
hair band Forever21
purse & earrings Primark
sneakers Nike Air Force 1

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