Yours Clothing, plus size maternity wear: Bump it Up!

Yours Clothing, plus size maternity wear: Bump it Up!

Being pregnant and plus size can be a challenge when picking your outfits. Yours Clothing is specialised in plus size fashion and offers maternity wear up to size UK 32: Bump it Up!

In the beginning of 2016 the British brand Yours Clothing launched their plus size maternity wear range, named Bump it Up. The sizing starts at UK 16 and goes up to size UK 32, which is US 14-30. Finding plus size maternity wear can be such a struggle. You will find items up to a size 12, on lucky occasions up to size 18 but never really bigger. Besides maternity wear, nursing items are also very important for wanting to nurse your little one. So what garments do you need when you are pregnant? Each body is different and each baby bump develops differently, but these items are key and a musthave. 

musthaves: the right basics

During pregnancy your body changes completely different then anything other you have ever experiences. Even when you were heavier before, this is not comparable. Your belly is growing, the hormons are flowing through your body giving all kinds of side effects. Everything feels different, items you loved before aren’t comfortable anymore. Fabric edges, the firm waistband of trousers and skirts pressing too hard, too short shirts running up and so forth. These are items are key to your wardrobe during your pregnancy but also after;

  • vests, long enough to cover the baby bump

A vest which is long enough to cover up and also staying there, below the belly. These are made of cotton stretch jersey and wear really comfortable. This fabric quality lets the skin breath, which means you can wear it all your long. The best item to invest in, as this is a comfortable first layer of clothing. What’s so great about these ones is that they are prepared for nursing, so you can take down the fronts as shown in the photo. They are also available in black.  [shop the top here]

Yours Clothing, plus size zwangerschapskleding tot maat 60

  • comfortable jeans of trousers

One wears her own jeans up to the day of the delivery, the other one doesn’t even fit her trousers within the first trimester. All bodies are different and developing a baby bump is even more different! It also depends on the positron of your growing bump and the baby on how everything fits. Since I had serious stomach issues in the first trimester I couldn’t wear any of my jeans or pants and I had to switch to maternity wear early on. A comfortable pair of jeans became essential to me, even more when the bump grew. Girls love fashion, don’t we? So what’s even better than these pair of jeans with tape along the side seam. [shop these jeans here]

Yours Clothing, plus size zwangerschapskleding tot maat 60

  • top or blouse which is comfortable and easy to combine

During a pregnancy there are many off days. Dressing up isn’t always the first priority when waking up. So the right items in your closet is essential, so you can blindly grab some items together and still look good. This to me are real musthaves, items which can be combined in different ways for different occasions. This polkadot top is such an item, it’s timeless yet fashionable. Because of the three quarter sleeves you can wear it all year long, in summer or combined with a cardigan or blazer in winter time. The elasticated waistline is perfect to accentuate your figure, showing off the baby bump. Wear it on jeans for a casual look, or combine it more classy with black trousers. [shop the top here]

Yours Clothing, plus size zwangerschapskleding tot maat 60

special occasions

As soon as your belly starts to grow and gets visible you become the prettest person in the world, according to most people. There is something about pregnant women which is attractive, call it a pregnancy glow! Though the pregnant woman herself can feel lousy, tired and not in line with her own body. When you have a special occasion to go to or if you just like to dress up for a party, it’s nice to have the perfect dress. The shape of the dress with the high waistline gives you a beautiful silhouet. Because the dress is sleeveless you can wear it in summer with sandals. However it’s also very cute in winter, with black tights and pumps. Combine it with a short jacket or cardigan to cover up the arms. These Colors match any season!  [shop the dress in black, or shop in pink]

Yours Clothing, plus size zwangerschapskleding tot maat 60 Yours Clothing, plus size zwangerschapskleding tot maat 60Christmas

Being pregnant during the most magical time of year asks for a special outfit! Forget about that jumper, this Christmas top is so cute! Wear this during the December days, flaunting your baby bump. It’s fun to the Christmas office party, but you can also wear it for Christmas morning combined with pyjama trousers. The shirt is made from viscose stretch jersey and wears comfortable. Wear it on a pair of jeans or style it on black trousers. [shop the top here or check the other Christmas options]

other items

Besides maternity wear and nursing clothing, Yours Clothing also offers items which are very comfortable during your pregnancy. For example nice pyjama’s and night wear but also the perfect robe. Finally something in plus size which looks cute! Good night wear is so important, especially since the nights are tough being pregnant. Getting out of bed because you need to pee three times a night, that belly that is in the way and so on. It’s also nice to have the right robe, depending on the season which can be found here as well. During pregnancy this is perfect, even for being in the hospital but also after, when nursing the little one. Another issue during pregnancy are the swollen feet. Yours offers a range of wide fit shoes, boots and sandals going up to EEE fit which is a perfect solution.

Earlier I wrote a review about this robe, which I love to wear. When you follow me on instagram you have seen this one a lot on my stories. Comfortable and so nice to wear when wandering around the house:

perfect robe





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    Facing the same issue as well while choosing maternity dress for myself but this blog help me a lot. Now i have an idea what to wear and also to look good. I just loved your idea for the christmas and going to wear this type of outfit on my christmas eve.

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