Pink, it’s is my new obsession! First it was red, then it went green and now I’ve added pink to my color collection in my wardrobe

It was love at first sight when I spotted these pink boots. A new color was added to my aardrobe. I already wore soft tone pinks but now hot pink was added as well. It doesn’t get more pink than this! That’s perfectly okay as I matches the trend colors of 2018 perfectly. And even if it didn’t, who can resist pink boots?

Pink bootsPink bootsPink boots

Does that happen to you too? You’re searching for one thing and you end up with something else. That happened to me with these boots. I was searching for a pair of white or red boots, ended up with the mix with pink. I still haven’t found the red and white boots by the way. Finding these boots made my heart grow but now the second hurdle was here, will they fit me? So when they came in you can imagine the joy when they fitted me well. The heels aren’t too high and the foot not too narrow, finally I have my bright and shiny new boots.

“there’s beauty in everything. Just not everybody sees it”

I made these photos during a weekend away. We went to the south of Holland, a town called Valkenburg. I loved the little streets and the cute places. A perfect time to make outfit photos, I regretted not bringing more looks. This area is famous for its pies, which we call vlaai and of course we had. Delicious! I’m planning to do more road trips this year. As you know I love to travel but sometimes I forget how lovely it can be to discover no places in my own country. Some cities or villages really give me that feeling of being abroad.

Pink bootsPink bootsPink boots

The boots is the focus in this look because of the bright color. I shopped them via Asos after trying them in the shop. They’re made com pink satijn and have a low heel, which makes it perfect to walk on. To be perfectly honest, they are really bright. I’m a bit ’the girl with the pink boots’ but that’s okay. This dress I’ve worn so many times already. It’s made of heavy jersey and has a nice drape and it’s also very warm as it’s made of a brushed fabric. I love a good waistline and the flared sleeves are really cute.

dress c/o Yours Clothing
tights zizzi
boots River Island via asos
purse c/o TK Maxx

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  • Saara 13 February 2018 12:08

    Hello, @josine nice pink boots, how much cost it?

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