perfect robe

perfect robe

Finding the perfect bathrobe can be a challenge when wearing plussize. After years of walking around in a cardigan I found the perfect one!

I’ve given up finding a bathrobe a long time ago. In the past I loved wearing a robe on Sunday morning, having breakfast and having an easy start of the day. Nowadays I just put on a pair of leggings and a cardigan, or some other big shirt I have. What was the reason to stop wearing these if they made my Sundays so warm? I just couldn’t find one that actually fits me. I ended up in the men’s department, who clearly don’t have hips. So I ended up with a huge robe on top, being too narrow at the bottom. Big fail, but that changed!

de perfecte ochtendjas de perfecte ochtendjas

It’s been over 15 years ago when I last bought a bathrobe, which was from the men’s department. The robe was dark grey, made of very thick material. At the top part I was drowning in the amount of fabric and at the hips it didn’t even close properly. Story of my life! So I decided to just go for the alternative. With a huge amount of plus size webshops nowadays, things are different. Besides finding almost everything you need, there are even options as well! And fun ones too!

You say “bathrobe”. I say “casual wrap dress”. Let’s not get caught up in details

Obviously I wanted a robe with rainbows and unicorns on them, but these type of bathrobes are often made of synthetic materials. Sinds I wanted to wear them after swimming or showering I preferred a cotton one. This robe wears so comfortable and it fits me perfectly, I didn’t even got it a size bigger like I normally have to do. I took this one along with me on two recent trips and it was just perfect. Hotel robes never fit me properly and now I had something to walk around in going from and to the hotel pool, all fancy. Also, this one is not that huge when folding up and actually fits in my suitcase when traveling.

de perfecte ochtendjas de perfecte ochtendjas

This white robe is made of a light jersey material and has a little structure in the fabric. It wears light and is 100% cotton which is exactly what I needed. Even though it’s light, it doesn’t shows anything. I wore it after swimming and it wasn’t see through luckily. This is a size 20 which I’m wearing which fits like a EU 48 and is on the wide side. The pyjama’s are also from Yours Clothing and are perfect for those cold nights in January!


bathrobe & pyjamas c/o Yours Clothing
other options up to size 36

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  • Victoria Melo 3 June 2018 19:26

    The robe looks so expensive and elegant, love how it looks on you. Seeing it’s 100% cotton makes me want to buy it as well. Having those oversized and unflattering hotel robes can ruin your femininity and comfort level for sure, I can relate! Glad that you have found yours ”the one” :D

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