Let’s hit the gym! In style, in the right work out fit together with these babes ánd Ashley Graham!

Last Sunday I went to the Glamour Health Challenge in Amsterdam  to attent a massive work out sessions. It was such a fun day but extremely warm! Everyone was dressed to work out, so let me show you our outfits, mine and those of two other curvy girls. It was so much fun meeting them, talking to each other in real person in stead of always online.

work out

To be honest, I didn’t do a lot that day because of the heath. It was extremely warm and the air was so dry too. I have a great deal of respect for all those women who participated like crazy. When I arrived everyone was in the middle of a session, working out. Women of all shapes, age and bodies and I loved seeing this perfect mix of diversity. The music made you want to move I must say as the DJ duo Ryan Marciano and Sunnery James were taking care of the beats. During the break I had time to walk around and to look everyone up.

curvy girls work out too

It was in my Facebook group Curvy Girls where the idea was set to go to this event as a group. You don’t really expect size diversity on such a sports day, do you? Well this time it was the case as Glamour gave the right example by inviting no one less than Ashley Graham. She shared her work out, together with her trainer Morits which is an amazing woman as well! It was so much fun meeting the two!


It was so much to be handing out tickets for this event, but besides that I could also give a away a full work out fit, to two of my readers and their friends. The two winners were Chantal and Yvonne, whom I met when I was looking up all the girl. It was so much fun meeting them in real life, of course we took pictures. Thank you Maaike for making them for us.

Chantal: “ In January of this year I started working out 3x a week, in a gym. To feel empowered I searched for a new out fit which is comfortable and looks nice. I ended up with Active wear from MS mode. When Josine posted on her Facebook that I could win a sport set from MS mode I entered the competition immediately. And I won, yes! I chose the set I had my heart set on, the black and blue capri sports pants and the blue shirt. The pants are so comfortable because of the wide waistband it stays in place. I can pull it up high and covers up all rolls. The shirt is also very nice, dries up quick and has a good fit. This work out fit makes me a secure woman!”

Yvonne: “The work out fit suits me well and they wear comfortable. At first I regretted the long pants because it was so extremely warm, the temperature was over 30 °C the day. During my work out it didn’t bother me at all, the fabric breaths and it didn’t show any stains of sweat. I really like the outfit and I saw a lot more options in the shops that I want as well!”

work out fit work out fit work out fit work out fit

Something I just noticed is that we all picked out a different look. Chantal went for blue, she wanted a longer top. Yvonne wanted long pants and really liked the animal print. She also got the printed t-shirt but she wore a singlet because of the heat. I chose the set with the blue melange stripe effect and also took the long leggings, but this was too hot of me.


top & sport pants capri c/o MS mode

jasje & sport pants c/o MS mode

t-shirt & cardigan c/o MS mode
shorts H&M




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