winter white

They say the cold is on its way. Who said wearing white is not an option in winter?

During my road trip last week I went from Luxembourg to Antwerp. I love this city and this month it’s sale everywhere! Best of both, quality time with my better half and shopping. Can life get any better? For a long time I lived in a city in the south of Holland and driving to Antwerp was the same distance as driving to Amsterdam. So I would visit the city regularly. By now I know where to go and where to shop but more about this in another post. First shop I drove to -outside of town- was New Look.

Winter white

Winter white

Unfortunately all the New Look shops in Holland are closed. In this shop they sell the plus size collection Inspire. I was very disappointed when I arrived as there was only one (!!) clothing rack with plus size garments in the whole shop! When I asked about it they told me “the store is so full so all the Inspire items are still in our stock room”. Excuse me? Then just divide it a little bit and leave stock of all divisions in the back?

don’t ever tell me to stop shopping

She agreed but there was nothing she could do. She pointed out the three racks of sale. Yes 3 whole racks, amazing right? Well the regular collection was about 20 racks of sale.. But quality over quantity right? In those view little racks I actually found lots of nice items! And even a few on sale, which normally never works out for me. When going to the fitting rooms I came across their huge shoe-heaven: sale as well! So with 3 bags full of clothes, shoes and accessories I was a very satisfied customer. So what did I shop and what am I wearing?

Winter white

Winter white

Winter white

The pullover is off white and I am wearing a size 24 which is 2 sizes bigger then I normally wear. Not all sizes were available so I just tried it on and it fitted me well. The bonded faux fur waistcoat is also in off white and I am wearing a size 18 because I don’t want this to fit too wide. It will make me look even more chunky. Such a sturdy fabric can always make me look a bit bigger but I don’t (always) mind. The black washed jeans are from MS mode and I bought it last year. It’s also great with blue denim but I didn’t pack these. The brown ankle boots I also shopped in the sale of New Look and I must say, they really fit me well (though it’s not wide fit).

waistcoat & pullover New Look Inspire
jeans MS mode
ankle boots New Look
earrings C&A


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