winter coat 

winter coat 

Not often do I wear a winter coat, or will I wear it now that I have this one?

I’m not the type that goes coat shopping when the first leaves start to fall. Why not? Because they seldomly fit me properly. When I buy a new coat it’s because I accidentally ran into one. The real reason isn’t really the fit actually, but perhaps this was caused by never finding something. I prefer layering up, a nice cardi combined with a jacket or blazer. Unless it’s really cold, I go skiing or when I don’t go by car. Then I would wear one.

winter coatwinter coatwinter coat

This lovely coat was sent to me by Bonprix and for a minute I wondered if I would like it. I always have fit issues with coat, they don’t close on the hips. Luckily the coat has a very light A-line so it did close properly, I was so happy! It’s EU48 size and I’ve combined it these army color boots, because with such a classy coat I want to keep the rest casual. You know me! Of course I can pair it up with anything. Like skinny jeans and Chelsea boots, or very sophisticated with an LBD, high heels and red lips.

winter coatwinter coatwinter coat

I love to wear this, I’ve had it for over a year already. The color is perfect, the fit suits me and the fabric has a perfect drape. This is such a dress I would like to have in three colours in my wardrobe! These boots match perfectly. I bought them on my summer holiday and was almost wishing for rain, because I wanted to wear them. Now that the rain is here, I don’t like it that much and prefer sunshine again, lol!

winter coat winter coat

You see it everywhere, the houndstooth. It’s really a trend of this fall. You see it mostly in coats and scarfs, but you also saw it on my skirt. It’s actually based on the irregular check, that’s why they call it houndstooth. It’s mostly see in two colours, often black and white. Do you already own your own houndstooth item?

coat c/o Bonprix shop here
dress Primark (last year)
tights c/o Zizzi
shoes shop in Palma
hat C&A (very old, men’s collection)

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  • Margo 4 November 2016 10:25

    Pretty babe! Loving the shoes

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