Take a closer look. Who’s that girl on theBiggerBlog?

Changed hair and casual wear. A completely different look today! Just like my outfits, I like to change my looks as well now and then. Sometimes I just feel like doing something completely different. I always joke being a fashion schizo and this is one of those examples. Will you let me know what you think of my look?

who’s that girlwho’s that girl

I’ll let you in on a little secret, the bangs are fake! I haven’t cut my hair at all, I just added something. Fake it till you make it right, lol! This way I can choose whenever I feel like bangs. I’m a big fan of such details like fake hair, false lashes and other little tricks to look different. Why not? I’m wearing my hair half way up, added the bangs and a bandana for a more casual look. The fake hair is exactly my color, which is amazing sinds I ordered it online. What do you think of this look?

Back to the outfit! Another shop your shape, not your size outfit today. This mesh dress is from Zara and I am wearing a size XL. Normally I wouldn’t fit in such a dress of course but this is a loose fit dress. I really love mesh. It’s like lace, also a little transparent but not completely. The only difference is that this is less girly without the flowers. That’s why I paired it up with sneakers, casual from top till toe.

who’s that girl who’s that girl who’s that girl

Girls still act surprised when I tell them to just wear sneakers underneath a dress. It took me time too to get used to this. I really love these white Nike’s and I am happy they’re still white. I pair it with my summer dresses but also with shorts. The little handbag is from Primark and I bought it because I needed it. Oh yes, there was a bag shape which I didn’t own yet. This size is perfect when I go out and I don’t want a big bag. I see it more as a big wallet.

dress Zara
underdress H&M+
shoes Nike Air
purse Primark
bandana AliExpres
earrings boutique

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