twinning is winning

twinning is winning

Two different shapes, a different size and a big different in length. But still wearing the same dress: twinning is winning!

We have completely different body shapes but wearing the same dress. Beck and I show that certain items can be worn by everyone. This wrap dress is the perfect example of a dress that suits every type of body and in this case: the same applies to length. You might have seen this dress before in my (Dutch) vlog about plussize brand Belloya. Beck is wearing that same dress, only in different colors, white with black dots.

twinning is winning twinning is winning twinning is winningtwinning is winning

You might have noticed by now that I love polkadots. This is one of the many dresses I got with the polkadot print, it’s so timeless and can be worn at any age. This dress is black with white dots and is made of viscose. A very nice jersey fabric which doesn’t sweat but breaths. Perfect for those summer days where you want to look cute (or even sophisticated for work). However I do plan to wear this in fall as well. Paired with tights and boots or sneakers.

This is a size 3 which I’m wearing and suits me perfectly, also after washing. When we made these photos I was just in my pregnancy, you can already see a bit of belly popping out! But now I’m wearing it as well with a bigger belly and it’s still cute.

fun to read as well: Beck & me in Floral Summer outfits

What I love about a wrap dress is that you can create the shape you want. By pulling the bow around the waist a little tighter I’ve accentuated my waist. This creates more curves and a focus on the waistline. If you want to cover up the tummy you can knot it slightly more loose, so that’s it’s loose around the belly and hips and covering up. The same goes for the V-neck which can be adjusted as well, as it’s a wrap. By pulling it a bit outwards or inwards you can have as much cleavage as you desire. However I always wear a tank underneath, no cleavage issues for me!

dress Josine c/o polkadot black Belloya
heels Primark
watch c/o Violet & Hamden
ring Blush
dress Beck c/o Belloya

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