Trumpet sleeves, flower print & recycled denim. Sassy flowers combined wit casual denim, an outfit I love to wear

Do you ever try to update your outfits with just one new item? I do, when I shopped this cute top with trumpet sleeves. At first I had my doubts, but once I put it one it was a match made in heaven together with denim. Lately shopping doesn’t give me the satisfaction like it did before, which is a good reason to start recycling my wardrobe. Though I must say, I love today’s fashion and trends and I still enjoy shopping, I just buy less.

trompet & bloementrompet & bloementrompet & bloemen

I fell for the print, because I love those corny, cute and girly flower prints. The sleeves was the other thing I loved about this top, it’s so romantic and cute. So the doubts were weather this would look too old fashioned on me. Yes, I love casual but lots of things look to much grandma on me, so I paired it up with jeans and this denim waistcoat which has been in my closet for years. The blouse use very wide so the waistcoat helps to narrow it some on the waist. Underneath I’m wearing a nude color vest which normally looks extremely un-nice but with this print it goed well.

trompet & bloementrompet & bloementrompet & bloemen

Normally I’m the type that goes for matching, but not this time. I just took all the items I liked with this look and suddenly it was complete, this is very un-Josine by the way! The pink earrings were waiting for the right outfit to come along and here it was, they’re so colourful! A pair of glasses with prescription is a first for me, but very nice to being able to see from far when the sun is out. Yellow sandals are my current favourite, which I bought last summer on the market in France, I still wear them often.

trompet & bloemen

top & waistcoat Primark
jeans River Island Plus
sandals market in France
sunglasses c/o Polette
handbag c/o
earrings H&M

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  1. Jessi

    Love your beautiful and comfy looking outfit!!! You look great in those cute pictures!!!

  2. Sammie

    Mooie outfit! Die mouwen zouden niks voor mij zijn maar ze staan je erg leuk! Vind je oorbellen ook erg leuk bij deze outfit!


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