It was only until I tried on these jeans and I realised that true love never grows old

It might sound very cliche but it’s really true. Back in the ‘90s I remember I really wanted something, which was the first time ever, but really want it. It was a Levi’s 501 and I got it, I remember being so happy with my jeans. I wore it with black biker boots which fitted perfectly under my jeans, with just a turn up.

oude liefde roest nietoude liefde roest niet

Isn’t it crazy how fashion can make you happy sometimes, since this is over 20 years ago! I remember it like it was yesterday and the fun part is that I’m not into brands at all. I really couldn’t care less which name is on the mainlabel but with Levi’s it’s different somehow. It’s like an old crush, it reminds me of my youth and being a teenager. You can imagine how happy I was when I realised that plus size if available for this brand, the old feeling came back. When I received the parcel and tried on the jeans it fitted me like a glove, just like back then.

oude liefde roest nietoude liefde roest nietoude liefde roest niet

You know when you’re dealing with a proper jeansmaker when you try on a pair of Levi’s. The fit is perfect, it’s not too high waisted but high enough for a secure fit. A nice fabric, a bit sturdy but has stretch in it as well. Its back pockets perfectly placed giving an uplifting effect. Did I already mention how happy I am with these jeans? The top brings me back to 2017 with the trompet sleeves, which was love at first sight as well by the way.

oude liefde roest nietoude liefde roest niet

Fierce red is a color I don’t wear a lot but each time it’s coming back into the stores. Since the sun is out I feel like wearing more colours and this color red matches perfectly with light jeans. The scarf has been in my closet for about 15 years already, golden oldie, literally. A couple of simple items, together a complete look. Which items brings you sweet memories?

top Mat Fashion c/o navabi shop here
jeans Levi’s c/o navabi shop here
sokjes H&M
sandals Primark
purse thriftshop
scarf MS mode

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