You can still look sunny in black, let me show you

When the sun is shining bright I always feel like wearing color. Some think that black is a no-go in summer but I disagree. Especially this year, where black is actually one of the fashion colors of summer. So pair your cute tops with some black basics and off you go! This is what I wore last week when I went to the beach for drinks, as you could have seen on instagram.

sunny in black sunny in blacksunny in black

In my previous post I told you about my new adventures at Zara. This top is another one of them. One of my quotes is shop you shape, not your size and this is a great example of that! I bought this top on sale and I’m wearing a Zara size M. Well, I can tell you, I’m no medium, lol! It’s a very wide fit and the straps are adjustable so I tried it on and it fits me fine.

sunny in blacksunnysunny in black

The top is wide, very wide! And even though I like baggy I don’t always think it’s flattering me so I decided to wear it with a long vest. I love this one, which I shopped a while ago, because it’s long and has a nice lapel. Perfect to apply my new pins, aren’t they cute? I like to wear a longer garment when I’m wearing shorts, I like the way covers up the back a little. In this case it’s also adding shape to my figure.

sunnysunny in blacksunny in black

These shorts are heaven! Even tough they’ve grown to wide now I still wear them. I added a small belt and I make a wide turn up at them hem. I like shorts to be on the center of my thighs, because if they’re longer my legs look shorter and heavier. The shoes you’ve seen before and to be honest, I actually bought the top because they match my shoes so perfectly. Yes, I’m a sucker for matching!

vest New Look Inspire
top Zara
shorts MS Mode
shoes market
handbag & bracelet H&M
sunnies Ali Express

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  1. Pam

    I am also a sucker for the matching. I think you picked an excellent top for the shoes. In fact, the whole outfit is eye catching. You’re very right about the black and the vest. Great outfit and it looks great on you!


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