Is it just me, or does it feel like yesterday that the summer sun was here?

Where did the time go? It feels like last week that the sun was shining. Now it’s already fall and we’re heading foe winter. The first snow has fallen. It’s Sunday night and all day it was grey outside. It makes me long for summer and sunshine. It reminds me of my last holiday in Mallorca and I remembered I owe you one more outfit post! Time for some sweet summer memories.

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I’ve written about it before, I’m not really a print-kinda-girl. However when I do see a print I love, I really, really love it. The same happened with this dress. When I took it out of the racks I thought “oh no, not the cold shoulders”. I found them a bit tacky. I really loved the print and the other items weren’t anything I liked. So I tried the dress anyway. It fitted like a glove and I loved it, even with this holes in the shoulders. I’ve worn the dress many times, and I still do. Now I combine it with a fitted turtle top.

zomer zonzomer zonzomer zon

This dress is a nice shape. It’s optically straight, but secretly the hip part is slightly A-lined. The waistline is elasticated and emphasizing a curvy figure shape. Unfortunately the drawstring is fake, so I couldn’t adjust it. However the position was fine as it is. It does look cute, does that count for anything? Lol! I’m wearing cotton short leggings underneath the dress, as there is no thigh gap here! The yellow open shoes I got from the market in France earlier this year and they are so comfortable. It matches perfectly don’t you agree?

dress MS Mode
choker dress to fash
watch Action
shoes market in France
location Cala Sant Vicenc in Mallorca

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