statement t-shirts

A real dare to wear, these statement t-shirts but I love them. The messages on these shirts are hilarious, which is your pick? Win this shirt!

A real plus size fashionista, Nicole from Curvy King. She has designed these t-shirts herself and had them produced. A true fashion girl, who is determined to inspire plus size women all around the world. Now that her dream came true and her t-shirts are available for you to buy I am exited to show them! Click on the photos below to enlarge, or just go to the website.

statement t-shirts

statement t-shirts

statement t-shirts

curvy king

statement t-shirts








So tell me, which one is your favorite?
♥ 1 chubby girls cuddle better
♥ 2 curvalicious
♥ 3 curvy gils work out too
♥ 4 fuck those beauty standards
♥ 5 bitch

Well I don’t have to explain to you which is my favorite?

statement t-shirts

I chose this simple black t-shirt with a girly pink statement. I love this word, is says it all: Curvalicious. I am curious to hear about your pick. Lots of t-shirts have been sold and everybody has a different preference. So leave a message and let us know which one you like best. If you want a t-shirt and you’re not from Holland or Belgium, please contact Nicole through the website to check the freight shipment fees.

How to win? 

Like the Facebook pages of CurvyKing and and then leave a message below which t-shirt is your favorite and in which size you would like to win it. The winner will be picked in two weeks. Only shipments to Holland, Belgium and Germany. Outside these countries, shipment fee is for the winner.

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  1. Cathryn Vallance

    I would like to win curvy girls can work out too in the biggest size please love the blogs xxz


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