romance in Palermo

romance in Palermo

On a sunny day in the beautiful city Palermo, Sicily

When I went to Sicily, Italy on summer holiday we started out in the beautiful city Palermo. We didn’t schedule our trip so we only booked our hotel after we landed on the island. I didn’t know what to expect. When we arrived in the city I noted it was so beautiful, everywhere I looked. It was an amazing trip.

Palermo Palermo Palermo

It was a shirt city trip, the first days of our holiday. After a long drive we arrived in the center of Palermo and I enjoyed just looking around. Little alleys with cute balconies, gorgeous plants and beautiful colored houses. Even the laundry hanging to dry looked cute. We’ve walked a lot and saw a lot, also visited cathedrals and the catacombe. I wanted to wear something light but proper, for the locations with covered shoulders and knees. This dress was perfect according to a local lady.

I don’t sweat, I sparkle

Normally synthetic fabrics are no problem but when it gets so warm I prefer cotton or viscose. When I spotted this dress it was love at first sight, the cute flower print and the wide sleeves. The fabric was the reason I bought it, viscose crinkle. Perfect to put in my suitcase, light and even okay to wear on warm days. Do you always bring something with long sleeves just in case?

Palermo Palermo Palermo

The dress is a size UK 20 which is a EU48 and has a wide fit. Actually I a size smaller since it also gets a little bigger when wearing. Viscose is a perfect material however it does shrink when washing, always. So you will have to iron to get it back in shape, which I didn’t and now it fits me perfectly. These sandals you’ve seen here for million of times, love them. I can walk all day and still look dressed up, perfect for holidays. Always bring shoes you can walk on for a while!

dress & sandals Primark
sunnies Aliexpress
earrings H&M
ring C&A
necklace New Yorker

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  • evelien 31 August 2017 10:54

    Wat een geweldige outfit! Ik vind je jurkje heel erg leuk, ben verliefd op de print. <3

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