A classic, a basic, a real must have. The red blazer

The color red might not be considered a basic, however when in the right garment it truly is. A red blazer can be worn in so many different ways, which I didn’t imagine before. It was by coincidence that I bought this blazer and I was surprised to see in how many ways I’ve worn it so far. This time, the casual Parisian way.

rode blazer rode blazer rode blazer

Never to think that this would be something I would wear a lot! It was’t just the color that got my thinking, it was also because it’s a blazer. Most blazers don’t have a nice fit, often the sleeves are too wide and the lapel is overstretched. Normally it just makes me bigger than I actually am, but not in this case. The blazer has a sleek fit, just how I like it. It goes perfectly with black and white, but also with other items like a blue jeans.

she thought she could, so she did

To keep it light I’ve combined it with black and white, because these three colours are always a great combination. The bootcut black jeans wear so comfortable and I always feel good in them. Even though not everybody likes these jeans as much as I do. Oh well, just look the other way because I’m still going to wear it. I’ve cut off the hem because I wanted it be 2cm shorter, plus I like the frays. Some pointy shoes go along just perfect, because I like to keep it feminine. Sneakers would do fine as well, but love these more.

rode blazer rode blazer

The blazer is a size EU 48 (which is UK 20) because I like so extra space on the arms to wear a jumper underneath. It was available in more colors but I went for red, fierce isn’t it? The top is a basic from the regular H&M collection and is a size XL. It goes well with most items and colors. The jeans are a size 48 as well and I love them, even though they’re a bit too long. These boots make up for it! The necklace is a right basic as well and shows that less, is more!

blazer MS Mode
jeans MS Mode
shirt H&M
necklace DIDI

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