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printed pants

What to wear on a casual Sunday? The perfect day for these printed pants, joggers. It’s a continuing trend but not everyone feels comfortable in them. Do you?

To be honest, I am one of those. I keep forgetting that an allover print can look much more flattering compared to a solid style. So I wonder, do you wear these joggers? Like you are trying to hide your shape, your body in an allover black outfit.. But in the end, something that has the rule to be flattering might be not so at all. A great example are the trend pants, the joggers. When I would wear a solid, preferably black of course, you can easily see the contours of my hips -which aren’t smooth, trust me- but also all the cellulite on the back. With an allover print you may thing you are a bigger surface like I always think, but it’s much more flattering. Let me show you.

printed pants



These joggers I bought at H&M regular collection. I don’t have a good experience with H&M+ as the sizes are too often varying. Even though I am really not a EU size 44-46 I still shop around at the regular collection of H&M. Like with these joggers, they easily fit me and the fit suits me better compared to the plus department. I am wearing a size XL. The top is also from H&M regular department, it’s a viscose slub jersey which gives it a casual drape. I love this top, you might run in to these more often as I have these in many colors. I am wearing a size XL of these too. 

This might be an easy Sunday outfit but not without the proper shoes, lol! I am wearing these very cute sandals which I bought during my London shopping trip. I must say, I have trouble combining these shoes but this outfit is perfect for them. I bought them at LinZi.



top H&M | joggers H&M | shoes LinZi | hair band (old)

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