That moment you pull on a pair of boot and they fit perfectly. That’s when you know you’ve found the perfect pair of boots

Recently I experienced this, a pair of boots that I put on and fitted like a glove. You know, I’ve got plenty of boots so I’m really picky when it comes to finding a new pair. It has to fit me perfectly, on the calves but also on the foot, the heels shouldn’t be too high and the leather should be soft. Most of all, they have to be pretty perfect and not just because they fit me, they have to be something for me.

perfecte laarzen perfecte laarzen

Do you know the feeling, when you’re okay with something just because it finally fits you? I had that in the past with boots, I love them but often I couldn’t find proper fitting ones. My calves aren’t that plus size so iften I could find stretch boots in regular shops. Beautiful real leather boots was a big problem, until a specialised webshop contaced me. Then and there I realised I always took the easy way out by shopping faux leather and stretch boots. Lucky me, I was asked to pick out a pair for a review.

“life is short, buy the shoes” 

You start with measuring your calves in order to find out what your size it. You sit down and place your legs in 90 degrees so your calves are at their fullest. Measure them at the thickest point, just below the knees. Enter the circumference size into the website and it calculates your size. Mine are 46 cm so I have a size XL on the webshop. It’s easy to find it but harder to pick out a perfect pair. I tried a few boots before finding these beauties. Finally a pair of boots in my size, real leather and fitting properly.

perfecte laarzen perfecte laarzen

I tried on several pairs, since I vary between EU sizes 40 and 41 it’s always difficult to find the right pair. The other problem is that I’m. not that tall so some boots weren’t workable for me. They came up to my knees which meant I couldn’t bend my legs. So after a few fits I finally found these which have the perfect height. The color is amazing and suits most of my outfits. The heel is also very comfortable and not too high. Can you see how it matches the flowers on my dress perfectly? Though it also goes well with jeans or light colours.

These boots are a size EU 40 and XL calf width, which is the best fit for me. The dress is from the regular collection from H&M and is a size EU 46. It fits me as it has a flare fit with a pleat on the back, perfect for a secretely A-line. It’s a crepe fabric material and wears lovely, it’s light but doesn’t shine through. Even better, it has pockets, need I say more?  Shop your shape and a new world of shopping opens up to you.

perfecte laarzenperfecte laarzen

dress H&M
tights Zizzi
boots JJ Footwear c/o [shop hier]


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