Are you ready for the next party? Something old and new for the holidays

A new year, time for a party! What are your plans? Go out dancing, or stay at home with friends and family? Either way, you want to look great! Starting a new year looking fabulous is a good start. Black is always a good idea. Combine something old and new to create the perfect look. This is the best option when you want to be comfortable and look smashing at the same time.

oud en nieuwoud en nieuw

The glitter top from Yoek is so nice! Here I combined it with a cool bikerjacket with studs allover, also from Yoek.  It’s made of a very comfortable heavy jersey but fits like a blazer. The clean cut combined with the zipper at front and the metal studs allover make it a real eyecatcher. The metal studs almost look like little sparkles. The old are the jeans, which I love to wear. The new are the top and jacket.

oud en nieuwoud en nieuw

enjoy the party.. always a good start of a new year


jacket Yoek
top Yoek
jeans MS Mode

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