monochrome in black and white

There’s something about the new year. I know we’re in the middle of winter but it feels like spring is on its way. Perhaps it’s because of my passion for fashion. Sale is almost over and the new collections are about to hit the stores. Fashion brands refer to these collections as “pre spring” or “transitional”; the deliveries between winter and spring. My fashion heart skips a beat for new seasons. What will it bring us? I was so delighted to have a preview in the new collection of Elvi and picked out this cute bomber jacket.


The monochrome checks are back. Or did they just never left? I love black and white, it always gives my outfit a little bit extra statement. I have to admit that I’ve been wearing a lot of black all winter. It’s slightly addictive. This bomber jacket is a size UK 20 and is slightly on the wide side, but I kinda like that about it. It gives it a little bit of that 1980’s vibe! The faux leather sleeves are nice and soft (not sticky at all) and the body fabric is made of transparent chiffon which is really fun to combine with color as well. The link to the jacket is below, also have a look at the rest of the collection, I love it!


Of course I’m not a real sneakergirl. Perhaps one day I will be. I wanted to put on some super high heels with this look, just for the feeling. Then I realised sneakers are much better with this look -on others- isn’t this strange? Just because it’s me! I just feel so… short! Conclusion, just go with your guts. Sometimes you have to step outside your comfort zone to get comfortable. Since the skirt, very clear cleavage and fishnets are lady-like enough I wanted to dress down the rest. I love how these tights combine with sneakers. The skirt is old by the way, but always a good option. By the way, I made these photos somewhere in between the farms and akers near my place.

bomber jacket c/o Elvi shop here
top H&M
skirt c/o MS Mode
fishnets c/o Yours Clothing
sneakers Nike

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  • Aure 18 January 2017 05:56

    hallo,ciao Josine …nice post and photos,great! monochrome is cool on you…cheers!

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