Avoid a boring look by using mixed structures

Who says boring is a bad thing? When it comes to fashion I like boring, I like plain and I like simplistic. I’m not always in the mood for bright colors and bold prints and lately I’ve been wearing lots of black. With different structures you can change the atmosphere a little. This outfit is about plain items, combined together to uplift each other. Besides lots of black I’ve also got this preppy vibe going on lately.

mixed structuresmixed structuresblogger

There is something I love about dressing up like a nerd. But.. always in my style, with a little casual twist. I absolutely love the color of this biker jacket! It’s grey faux leather with a little texture in it. The zippers and the stepped areas make the jacket a lot more casual. The skirt is a black denim which turned optically grey because of the washing and goes perfectly with this look. To add some freshness to the look I’m wearing a white cotton blouse, with frill across the topside.

mixed structuresmixed structuresmixed structures

Finally you get to see my new glasses from Polette. Did you read my previous blog about my hunt for a new pair of glasses?  I’m so happy with these, do you like them on me? Have worn them almost every day so far. A little extra touch to nerd-ness. Funny how such a detail can change your appearance. It’s only since I’m back to wearing my glasses regularly that I’ve realised how much I’ve missed the extra help.

mixed structuresplus size blogger

The Elvi jacket is a size EU48 and can be worn like a fall jacket since it’s lined, though I just wear it as a jacket. The skirt and boots are from primark. The skirt is a UK20 and has a zipper closure at the front only. This handbag you’ve seen before on my other outfits, still not regretting buying this one! The blouse has no sleeves, this way I can shop at the regular H&M collection. It’s a size 46 and I’m wearing it tucked in.

jacket c/o Elvi shop here
blouse H&M
skirt & boots Primark
bag Stradivarius

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