Miss Etam jeans

Miss Etam jeans

miss etam

One of the best basic items, a grey jeans. It matches perfectly with a black and white outfit. I tried on these grey miss etam jeans

When I received my parcel it was wrapped in such a fun way. It was a no-brainer what was inside, a pair of jeans. When miss etam asked me to review a pair of their plus size range jeans I was up for it. I decided to pick a pair I normally wouldn’t chose, let me tell you why.

The jeans has such a nice finishing, I really like it. Originally it’s a deep black denim and they have washed with a special treatment to get to this light grey color. You can see some areas darker then other areas, a nice effect. It has lots of stretch and a soft handful. This is a pair of jeans I wouldn’t pick out myself because of the light base so I really liked trying out a new style.

black, white & grey jeansblack, white & grey jeans black, white & grey jeans

Shopping for a new pair of jeans is not something I look forward to. It often means lots of different jeans to fit on, being unhappy in a fitting room and blaming my body. When miss etam asked me to send a pair of jeans I was reluctant at first, will I fit them? Based on my hip width I received a size 48.

step out of your comfort zone & dare to wear

The jeans fits exactly, slight too exact at my waist but after about half an hour the jeans fitted me perfectly. Below you can see a photo totally out of my comfort zone! I have big hips and when wearing a light jeans I always think my thighs are too much emphasized. This is why I liked receiving these jeans because now I have tried on this color anyway. I like it and I will surely wear it again!

black, white & grey jeansblack, white & grey jeans

 I choose a skinny fit but they sell lots of other fits as well. You can find them in one of their storen in Holland or you can order online. They have lots of different fits and styles, both regular sizes, tall sizes and plus sizes. When you order online in Holland you get it free delivered. What’s your favourite jeans style?


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jeans c/o miss etam

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