As predicted, silver skirts in the new millennium

Years ago, when I was just a little Josine the year 2000 was still far away. What would the new millennium bring us? In the future all is digital, we talk to robotos and wear silver garments, that was the assumption. In a way it was quite accurate. It’s funny how certain items or colors can bring back memories. The millennium looked so far away back then and now feels like ages ago. Time really flies!

millennium millennium

Since a few weeks the plus size collection is available at Forever 21 in Amsterdam, finally! Together with Edith I went to Amsterdam and of course we had to stop by. With our arms loaded with items we went in and out the fitting room, to go back and get more to try on. It was so much fun to finally shop at an actually shop and being able to chose from so many options which were also fashion and fun. On our way out we spotted this skirt, and I couldn’t resist this shiny skirt!

“I’m not a shopaholic, I’m helping the economy!”

The combination had to be as simple as possible, preferably a printed tee but I ended up with this cute volant sleeve tee. It took a little getting used to this skirt and shirt, as the proportions between top and bottom aren’t how I usually wear it. A wide top with broad sleeves is not something I often do, but it’s like reliving the 1980’s and 1990’s where I had that same issue. The color is amazing, I love shimmer but the shape is very nice as well. The rounded hem makes it optically less square which normally such skirts do with my hips, a big hooray for this shape!

millennium millennium


Often with such shiny items I think about the combinations. However, when I start wearing it more often I stop caring about the flashy color and combine it with whatever. I’ve worn it with a distressed jeans jacket and striped shirt. The skirt is a 1X by the way as it has a loose fit, it also becomes a little wider when wearing it. It’s made of a sweat fabric, which a silver coating over it which surprisingly stretches along. I’ve paired it with sneakers and a bandana, as I love a casual style.

I bought the shirt at the H&M+ department and I’m wearing a size L, which was okay at first. The shoulders are very wide and I don’t like the sagging shoulder seams so I bought this size. The shirt is a little short, and after washing a lot shorter. I also bought the same one from the regular collection in blue, in a size XL which is holding up much better. Shop your shape and check out the regular collection instead.




t-shirt H&M+
skirt Forever 21 Plus
sneakers Nike Airforce 1
head scarf market in Prague
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