material mix

material mix

By mixing different materials you can change your fashion style. A simple way to create new looks with the same wardrobe

Earlier I wrote about the fashion trends in 2018, in which we will be varying more in materials for a renewed look. Colors, styles and even fits will remain the same but with the use of different fabrics. Corduroy, velvets but also chenille will create a soft, fluffy look with a subtile shine to it. I’ve styled my look using all of these, combined with a matte leopard print and metallic sneakers. Because of the material mix he items get an emphasis en the fabrics show their magic.

Have you ever shopped items which you just love but somehow never wear? I hear it all the time from others and I have the same, sometimes. Sneakers is an item like that for me, it’s a thin line between love and hate. Obviously the wear comfortable and I even tink they look awesome but somehow I always feel so funny in them. Like I often do with new-ish thing, I just bought them and decided to wear them. I did, though it took me a few weeks before I started but now I love wearing these. It’s a psychological thing I guess, haven’t figured it out yet!

“body positivity is a state of mind, not a religion which you have to follow”

The same applies to these culottes, which I absolutely love. The corduroy velvet jersey materiaal is not very visible on the photos but they have a subtle shine. I know these pants are not very flattering but should it? No, sometimes I just wear something I really like. Though I will admit I might not wear this on an insecure day, because yes I have those too. Luckily there are enough days where my inner-Beyoncé can take on the world and I wear these culottes with pride.

flattering? who cares

It does happen that people around me want to respond on my looks “I like how it looks but it doesn’t flatter you”. I understand, I feel the same actually but that doesn’t mean I won’t wear it. I appreciate their honesty and reply “my goal is ‘like’, because I agree”. A remark like that doesn’t mess up my day, because I simply feel the same way but I don’t care. Body positive is a state of mind, not some religion you have to follow or force up on yourself.

You might recognise this coat as I wrote a blog about it, I bought it last year and have worn it many times. I still love to wear it, as the leopard print is almost a neutral color right? It pairs perfectly with the look, especially with the chenille jumper. Funny story about this one, because I’m actually wearing a size Small. When I tried on the L it was too wide, then I tried on the size M and there was a hole in it. So without thinking about it I just went for the size S and it fitted me well. It’s a bit on the short side, but that’s okay, and so was the larger size by the way. Perfect for skirts as well. .

The velvet curdoroy culottes are awesome, but soemthing I don’t wear on a daily basis. A wide pair of pants doesn’t flatter me, I know my body and I know this is a fact. That doesn’t bother me from wearing it though. It’s a size 20, the largest one and is made of a heavy jersey with suits me perfectly. I’v styles it with fishnet stockings and glitter socks, perfect with my Burgundy sneakers. The jacquard clutch is a real eye catcher and I bought it cheap at TK Maxx, with a fit certificate. I decided to spoil myself in December with something for me. They so many things, it was had to choose. But this jacquard really adds to any outfit and the material mix.  

coat & cap H&M+
sweater & socks Monki
clutch c/o TK Maxx
culottes Primark
sneakers Bershka

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