The sun in the sky, ice cold and a little bit cloudy. You know winter is coming. Snuggling up in this faux suede lovely lammy coat

When it’s cold outside but the sun is shining, this can give such a magical feeling. The cold wind, no leafs on the trees and dark clouds remind me that it’s winter. The perfect day for a lammy coat. With the sun on my face I enjoy a nice walk in the park. Don’t let the sun fool you, it was still cold!

lammy coat mat fashionmat fashion

A lammy coat is originally a real leather coat but nowadays there are plenty of synthetic alternatives which look amazing. You can recognise a lammy from the bonded fabric. The outside fabric, in this case a faux suede fabric is lined, bonded, with a borg fabric. What’s typical for such coats is that you can see the seams on the outside, these are the white lines on the coat. This is what makes it a lovely lammy coat!

baby it’s cold outside

The waterfall neckline is absolutely gorgeous and makes the coat warm enough to wear when it’s cold. There is no closure, but because of the fabric volume the cold doesn’t catch me. This is a very casual coat and best combined with jeans or a skirt with sneakers or boots. The gorgeous camel colour goes with everything.

plus sizelammy coatlammy coat

I’m hoping that there will be a lot more of these lovely sunny winter days. This way I don’t mind winter is coming! The coat is really comfortabel and because of the wide sleeves I can easily fit a big sweater underneath. Here I’m wearing a roll neck top from the regular collection of H&M, made from jersey. I’ve paired it with these skinny jeans, which I got from Yours Clothing and is a UK size 20. I love how this fits me, it’s wide enough on the hips but fitted on the ankles.

coat c/o Navabi, Mat Fashion
col H&M
jeans c/o Yours Clothing
boots Sacha
beanie Primark

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