On trend, the joggers but how do I feel about these easy pants?

Well, I’m always willing to try something new so I ordered these joggers online, together with about 100 jumpers. There was a special offer and I was feeling chilled but about 99 jumpers went back in the box. These joggers though, they were way too comfy to ditch.


Seriously everything from the ‘90s are back in fashion, and so are these joggers. This time around not with bold guys on Air Maxies but with fashionistas, styled with the rights accessories. To be honest, I never cared much for the Aussies and Cavello joggers back in the days and even if I was, it was strictly forbidden by mum. Good to know that mums can actually prevent you from making a fashion mistake in life, well thanks for this one mum!


Fair is fair, I loved them immediately, literary didn’t take them off. This surprised me as most trousers from H&M aren’t the right fit for me. All together I’m not complaining: fits me right, the right length and comfortable but how do I really feel about these joggers? Well to be honest, I have to get used to this idea as well! Wide legs with wide hips aren’t always a good match and the same applies here.


Still I really love these pants, the burgundy colour combined with navy and beige are a perfect match to my wardrobe. I like to style it with sneakers, I know it’s fashion with elegant heels but these wide legs aren’t suitable in my opinion. Perhaps I should these this style with smaller width legs as well? On top I’m wearing a denim dress, a flower printed bomber jacket and my favourite white Nike’s. All together I love this look even if it’s a little new to me, a real #daretowear

shopping details

These trousers are on sale right now and I’m wearing size XL which fits me well, slightly on the wider side. The length is perfect when you’re not that tall, I’m 1.70m and the length suits me just fine with sneakers. This flower bomber you’ve seen before, I wore it on a dress so it’s easy to combine both ways. The denim blouse and the Nike sneakers are mine for a while already and they turn out the be the perfect basics to most outfits.  These glasses are from Polette and they’re really affordable, read more about my new glasses here.

bomber Paprika c/o Yours Clothing shop here
blouse Primark
joggers H&M+ shop here
sneakers Nike AirForce 1
handbag boutique
glasses Polette

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