fashion recap: january 2017

fashion recap: january 2017

The first looks of the year 2017, these are the January looks

The first month of the year is a fact, January. We’re off to February. Time flies when you’re having fun. As you know I’m not really the type for new year resolutions however the start if 2017 felt really fresh to me. I became unemployed in 2016 and I’m still figuring out what to do? I’ve put some extra efforts in my blog, looks good on my resume right? I posted these outfit posts and I’d like to share them with you. You can click the links above the photo if you want to see more photos or shopping details.

glitter & denim

In the very first outfit post of this year I told you I wanted to wear glitter & sparkles more often. Why nou have a party more often right? I must say, I’m going in the right direction. I’ve bought a pair of silver shoes, as well as golden. Yes, really and found matching items in my closet. Check out the full details & other photos of Glitter & Denim hereglitter & jeans


The name of this coat was new to me, which surprised me since I normally know all these type of garment names. What is it? Well this is not the exact right name for a mac coat, just don’t tell Elvi! I love this coat and I also wear like a cardigan. Check out the full details & other photos of Mac here 

Elvi mac

black frills

A look which I combined from straight size stores and all was on sale. These items aren’t my real size at all, and still I wear them. A true case of Shop Your Size, love it! The skirt is a size Small and the jumper is a size EU42 (UK14) and both aren’t plus size! Check out the full details & other photos of Black Frills here

zwarte volant


I love to match and wear the same colours, but I also like simplicuty. Monochrome is my kind of style, though big chunky checks is not something I wear regularely. This jacket is so cute, it has the checks but on a transparent material which keeps it flowy. Can’t wait to wear this in summer as well. Check out the full details & other photos of Monochrome here



This outfit is so comfortable, I’d love to wear this everyday and it’s something else compared to what I usually wear, I like it. Yes it’s black again, sorry it’s my favoriet colour these days. It doesn’t really help that black is in fashion right now and each item I love, it black! Well, at least it’s easy to combine, lol. Check out the full details & other photos of Comfortabel here


metallic pink

The last post of January was in colour because I can’t just keep on showing all black looks right? That’s why I love this look, it’s soft pink but it’s still suitable for winter as well. It’s not like you would expect from me, it’s a little but different, I was inspired by all the nude pinks I’ve seen on the fashion blogs lately. I chose this looks and I love it, it wears so light and comfy! Check out the full details & other photos of Metallic Pink here


Now that I’m more at home I like to wear more casual stuff, comfortable pieces so I am happy that this style is in fashion right now, so I can combine both things easily. Great timing because I love to wear a pair of skinny jeans, shoes and a top, perhaps a cardigan. Though you will never catch me in something which doesn’t match, you know me! I love skirts and dresses, which are absolutely my thing, but somehow when it’s cold I choose these type of looks. Do you have the same?

Which look did you like best, love to hear what you think?

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