A casual suit in pique pink and satin lace. Girl boss causal style, in the streets of Eindhoven, Holland

During my trip to the south of Holland I decided to stop by in Eindhoven, because it’s an amazing city. Here you can find Big Girlz, a shop owned by Martje. When I walked through the store, my eyes kept falling on this pink suit. A typical girl boss suit, casual style, just like me! Actually I didn’t feel like trying things on, let alone shopping though I did go for it and I was hooked and ended up buying it!

girlboss girlboss

Often people come on over while I’m shooting pictures for my blog and I always like that. This time it was a guy who was waiting for the bus, he had a passion for photography and asked if he could give it a try. I love these kind of spontaneous things, thanks mister Mysterious! Next was a lovely lady, Maria, who came over to us because she knew my blog, how cool! It really made my day, how much fun was that!

girlboss girlboss

girlboss girlboss

My love for pink is starting to get out of control ever since I bought these cute sandals and they match outfit perfectly. The satin pyjama-look top I’ve had already for a while and I love to wear it under jackets. This cap is my style, I got it from Martje and I love it, thank you. The shop is on Leenderweg 74b in Eindhoven, you can park in front of the shop or take the bus. A fun fact, Martje has er own label called SuperAngel which you can also have custom made.

The suit is from the brand Yest(a) and goes from size 42 uo size 52 and I’m wearing the largest size XXXL because I wanted a baggy fit. Normally these type of trousers don’t suit me at all so I was so happy with this one that I immediately bought it. The blazer is a size 46 I guess, I like a snug fit for jackets. Both are so comfortable and I love the color as well. I’ve worn these pants also with a denim jacket and white sneakers, so easy and fun!

blazer & trousers Yest
top MS Mode
shoes Primark
cap c/o Big Girlz

3 Responses

  1. Julia

    I’ve been there at the shop . Back then there weren’t really many pieces that had my name all over them but the store owner was nice. The combo really suits you, I like it very much and would also wear it myself. Totally get your love for blush. Eindhoven is a great city, we always love to visit.

    Take care.

  2. Al

    OMG I love the girl boss suit!! I wish the store had a website. You look lovely


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