It’s almost there, getting ready for Easter in my go to casual chic outfit

What are your plans for the Easter days? In Holland it’s not such a big thing, though we do have two Bank holidays, yay! Till recently we always went painting the Easter eggs, a tradition with my family. Now my little cousin can do this, but we do hide them on Sunday for our egg hunting! Do you have such traditions too? I love these little things in live, with good childhood memories and making new ones.

paasbest Paasbest Paasbest

Both my family and I don’t practice any religion so we don’t attent church on such a day. However I am raised to respect every religion and on National holidays you should know what it’s about. To us it’s a good excuse to be together as a family, enjoy a nice brunch all together. For such an occasion we also dress up, at least a bit because it’s a nice occasion. So I went to casual chic, like I always do.

“life is like box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get” – Forrest Gump

Easter is not even in sight or there are chocolate Easter eggs every where in the stores. I am a real sucker for chocolate so this is a hard thing to avoid. Sure I eat chocolate, but let’s not do that with 300 grams a day right? This time around I was able not to touch those Easter eggs until Easter weekend which makes me proud. I am a real sugar addict lately and these small things of taking care of myself make me proud. Not dieting, not-not eating but respecting my body to prevent from trashing it.



The blazer is made from a satin fabric which gives it a little shine to it. I am wearing a EU size 48 (which is a UK20) and it has a slight narrow fit however the sleeves fit me perfectly. The striped top with print is perfect for spring right? It’s made of jersey and wears really comfortable, this is a size EU 46 bu the way. I’ve tucked it in partially at the waist for a more casual effect. These jeans are also a old school crush as this is a pair of Levi’s, which fit me perfectly.

blazer Sara Lindholm c/o Happy Size
top Janet & Joyce c/o Happy Size
jeans Levi’s 301 via c/o navabi
socks H&M
sandals New look



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