floral summer

floral summer

Summer is here to stay! One after another warm day which asks for cute and comfortable summer looks

On the blog this time two different outfits which match perfectly. Dressed on two different women, different sizes going together perfectly. The American Beck from Manfattan.com and I joined up to make photos of our coordinated looks in floral summer, we had so much fun! You know, twinning is winning!

Being body positive is a mind set which I absolutely embrace but some days I fail at it too. My solution is to dress up a little more, making more effort.

Yes I’m typical Dutch who’s nagging about the warm weather. Yet I am very happy to live her and enjoy all the four seasons. Summers can be tough because I sweat a lot and am not very good with serious heat. However I do like to enjoy these sunny days but the sweating and complaining makes me insecure at some times as well. Because of the cellulite, the bare arms and legs and everything being visible it can be a challenge some days.

floral summer

floral summerfloral summer

This outfit is perfect for hot summer days when you still want to look cute. The top I’m wearing is made from viscose which lets the heat out and is comfortable on hot days. Also this fit is perfect for me as it’s a light a-line making my hips fit in. Also the armholes aren’t too wide like most brands, so no peeking inside. I’m wearing a size 3 which fits me perfectly. At the front I’ve tucked it in to show the belt of the shorts, the back is just loose.

The shorts are a size bigger compared to what I normally wear, I’m wearing a 4 here. For summer especially I like my shorts to be a bit wider. The loose fit as well as the belt at front cover up my belly. Another thing I love to do is to match my outfits so when I picked out this top I just loved combining it with these sandals, feminine yet comfortable. Beck is wearing the dress which caught my eyes as well. Great for a work day in the office or even to attend a wedding or summer party. How do you like our matching looks?


top c/o Belloya
shorts c/o Belloya [shop hier]
dress Beck c/o Belloya
sandals Tommy Hilfiger
hat C&A


the other outfit shoot we did together: twinning is winning

twinning is winning


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