dash of red

dash of red

There’s something about red. When wearing it, it’s never just a dash of red

It’s there, it’s red. A gorgeous color that really pops. Did you know it helps to wear red whenever you need be extra fierce? Try it!

red redred

The skater skirt is the best shape. Or at least, it is to me. I love the wide fit skirts, fitted in the waist and even this one, with los of flair. The check makes it even more preppy, which I absolutely love. I’m wearing it with dense tights, also from Yours Clothing which suit me perfectly. I really needed new tights but I always find it so difficult to find the right ones. These fit nice, wear great and have perfect stretch. Love them! Especially combined with these wide fit faux-suede boots. Don’t you just love them? Available in several half widths by the way!

red roodred

Don’t you just love this blouse? It’s a size XXL from Zara, straight size and it fits me well. The sleeves are a wider fit, as they have a large shoulder drop. Perfect, now I can fit into a standard blouse. Well it’s not that standard, because of it’s cute patches sewn on the chest. See the details photos. I just love the little funky feature, don’t you? I’ve tucked in the blouse to create more waistline. Especially with a skirt which fits to wide on the hips, I like to emphasise the waist, almost exaggerating.

rood red

The blouse I’m wearing is the biggest size, XXL and is made of 100% cotton so no stretch. It fits me fine, only is slightly on the short side. The blazer is from last year and you’ve see it before, it’s a size 48 and wears lovely. I’ve put the sleeves up so you can see a little bit of the blouse cuffs, which I really love. The skirt is a size 20 and fits me wide, I’d order 1 size down. The tights are size 20 and fit me perfectly, like I said, enough stretch to make you feel comfortable. These boots are available in several calf withs by the way!


blazer c/o MS Mode (last year)
blouse Zara
skirt, tights & boots  c/o Yours Clothing
bag Stardivarius


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