For some comfortable is the forbidden word in fashion

Why? I really wonder why this is? Yes, I’m truly the advocate for fashion freedom, just wear whatever makes you feel good. Oh yes, I have my opinion, but you don’t have to do anything with this right? Unless you specifically ask me about it, in that case I’d love to talk about the do’s and don’t according to my standards. Why do I write about this? Lately I’ve been in and around the house a lot and I notice that I prefer comfortable wear. Though that doesn’t mean you can’t look fab doing so!




I’ve told you before about my Shop Your Shape moment at Berhska when I was shopping for my niece. I tried on this amazing skirt which I ended up buying in a size S -all size were the same to me. I also bought these culottes, or is it more of a skirt, I don’t know. It’s so comfortable and I love the drape as it’s a pleated jersey. Mostly I wear it with a long cardigan and here I combined it with a lace body which makes it a little more elegant. The body is from the plus size brand Adia, from Denmark and yes, it’s so comfortable! It’s a lined lace top part with a jersey bottom part. Perfect to wear over your tights to prevent them from sagging.


Oh yes, I’ve always had a thing for black, but this season I’m going a little over board. Not because I love it, but it’s everywhere! All items I see in the shops which catch my eye are black. Sorry guys, a little more black on the blog this season. Colours will follow, as always when the suns comes out again. Though I must admit, it only shows when I’m writing my blogs because I just wear whatever I feel like that day. Though alternatives for black are also very lovely, like army green and navy blue. I just love how these colours match anything!


cardigan & culottes Bershka
body c/o Adia check the website
boots New Look
hairband H&M

thank you Marcel Elzenaar Agenturen

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