cold casual

cold casual

What to wear when it’s cold outside? My idea of a casual look

People sometimes ask me if I “always look like that”. Like what? Oh, you mean all dresses up? Yes. Everyday is a fashion party to me, depending on my mood I go for casual and comfortable or for fashionable chic. A while back it was around zero degrees here in Holland and I had to go for some Sunday groceries. We went to the beautiful city Haarlem and this was what I was wearing.

cold casualkoude zondag

When someone wants to know what I normally wear I don’t really get the question. The only thing I don’t wear on a daily basis are two things: high heels (over 8cm) and lipstick. Worrying if my lips are all stained or smeared is something I don’t want to worry about. My feet are killing me, all the time, no matter which shoes I wear. These boots I wore all afternoon, at the end of the day my feet were sore. Note to myself, don’t go to a shopping area on heels. Even if you think you won’t go shopping (duh).

koude zondagcold casual cold casual

So what am I wearing on such a day? Well, I love these black denim shorts which I bought last summer. I’m wearing them turned up and combined with patterned tights. The jumper is such a cute one with different knit patterns and colors on it, I just love it. It’s oversized and I love to “hide” in one of these on cold days. The leather biker waistcoat is for fun but also for the cold. The denim blouse underneath as well, but the collar looks cute as well don’t you think?

koude zondag cold casual

I was so happy when I received these boots! I wanted a pair of casual black boots for a while and couldn’t find anything with the right heel. Or were high and thin, or completely flat. These are perfect in-betweens. And don’t you just love it when you receive a pair of boots and they just close. All. The. Way. Up! Hooray. These come in different calf widths by the way, have a look online, the link is below.

jumper Manon Baptiste c/o navabi
denim blouse c/o Zizzi
shorts c/o MS Mode
tights from a shop in Antwerp
boots c/o Yours Clothing shop here

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