A corset, but different than you would expect. Not every trend appeals to me, but this one I had to give so time

You might have noticed it already but wearing lingerie as regular garment is a real trend right now. It started in the 1990’s and it’s back, wearing a singlet top over a t-shirt. Often those are satin tops and dressed, with a lace tape and narrow straps. I love them, also the old fashioned Madonna-style corset belt and oversized shirt. Well, this outfit is a little bit of everything.

casual corset

casual corset

Oh how I love fashion but I don’t have to follow each and every trend. I like to give it my own kind of twist and not copy it straight from the fashion books. The corset belt is such an item I love but I don’t like the way it fits because of the big size difference between my waist and my hips. I kept on denying I loved such belts until I ran into this t-shirt, which I do like to wear. The shirt is oversized, which often isn’t my type of fit but the corset on the front makes it work. I’m wearing the shirt in size UK18 (and goes up to UK20).

“beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” – Coco Chanel

As you know by now I love distressed denim so when I wanted a black one, I couldn’t find it. At least, not the one I was looking for. Even though I’m not a regular size, I am very demanding when it comes to jeans. This one was waiting to be thrown away as there was a hole in it. So I decided to say goodbye and made a couple of more holes and worn it ever since this way. It’s just how I wanted it to be and I just added the pin cause I liked it on the denim.

casual corset

casual corsetcasual corset

Now and then I feel like an old tart when I get up in the morning and get dressed. I just start singing “something old, something new..” and that’s it, since I don’t wear lots of blue or borrowed anyway. Nowadays I love searching deeper in my closet for fun combinations, more recycle outfits. You know, when you wait long enough it becomes a trend again. Yes, told you I was an old lady! One of these are these old Vans sneakers, which is a huge trend (why wasn’t it always?) and I love them, even though these have a secret little heel inside, love the feminine touch!



t-shirt Primark
jeans c/o MS mode & customized
sneakers Vans
necklace H&M
purse c/o Paul’s Boutique

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