Oh yes, I’m back in black lace

Last weekend the weather was changing from deliciously warm up to stormy cool. Now that the weather is changing I sometimes just don’t know what to wear. Back in black, because black is always a good idea. This outfit has summer, fall and fashion all rolled into one.

black lace black lace black lace

To be honest, I wasn’t planning on making photos for my blog at all this day. I went to Haarlem together with Dennis to run some errands. We ended up talking a stroll over the biologic market and bought some tasteful items, can’t wait to cook with these ingredients. A tomato vinegar, fresh figs, special Spanish hams and so on. Uh oh, so many lovely things. When walking back to the car we came by this beautiful street and decided to take some photos.

black lace black lace black lace

Though I’m still in the middle of this Indian summer, I’m already exited for Fall 2016. One of the huge trends is black lace tops, preferably with nothing underneath. Okay let’s not do that! This top is a size XL and doesn’t has any stretch in it. The sleeves fit very wide. Normally I’m not a fan of the trompet sleeve but this top gave me that Adele feeling and I loved it! I’ve paired it with these black denim shorts and underneath I’m wearing a simple black camo.


top H&M+ (sale)
camo Forever 21 +
shorts MS mode
necklace DIDI
shoes & bag Primark

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