bikini trend

A real dare to wear movement is going on, the bikini trend for plus size women. With slight hesitation I show you my bikini outfit.

In the past I would wear bikini’s, no problem. Often I would spend my days on a lonely beach somewhere in Asia, where I would feel comfortable to do so. On busier beaches I don’t feel completely comfortable and I prefer to wear a tankini. Not because I don’t like my body, but because at the beach everybody looks at everybody.

When you’re a plus size like me, people will look for sure. Why? Perhaps they are surprised to see someone in my size to feel comfortable at the beach? I have heard stories why plus sized women won’t go to the beach anymore, because people where calling them names! Luckily I have never experienced such a thing, perhaps it’s my kind expression that makes them not dare to, lol!

every body is a bikini body

Walking around almost naked is not my favorite thing to do. Also the beach is not my favorite place to go -love it, but I have a thing with sand- so when you add these things up I must be prepared for everything in order to feel safe. Once settled, towels down, bag in the shade I can lay down and relax. I normally wear a tankini but whenever possible, I also buy the top part. This way I can vary. Last week I spend my days at the small calas in Mallorca, tiny beaches with only a few people. Okay, I went for it. Even better, I made photos.

I hope to encourage other women to be proud of the bodies they’re in and to flaunt those bikinis on the beach


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  1. Mariska

    Je ziet er prachtig uit! Jij inspireert ons ga vooral door met bloggen je doet het super! 😉


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