back to the future

back to the future

Sometimes you go somewhere and it looks like time stood still, back to the future in the South of Germany

When you could do the impossible, what would you do? Flying would be awesome but I have a severe fear of height so I don’t think that would be a good idea. I think I would love to time travel and I would go to the 1960’s and 1970’s because solidity was mixed with an open mind. We were in a cabin in the south of Germany, while we lit on the fireplace and watches Queer Eye, time for girls weekend!

back to the futurejosine wille

In my own home I have a lot of vintage. Stuff we have inherited but also items which we bought at the thrift shop. This combined with modern items and there is a cute mix, or at least that’s what I like. Because I love the contrast of old and new. The cabin was like this as well so when we entered and I saw this carpet on the stairs, my eyes started to sparkle. My first attempts were to shoot in the gorgeous snow but it was too cold and too slippery for heels and so the staircase became my number one shoot location!

“the secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”

One of this years trends is color and to combine them. Pink, reds, green and yellow but also orange is a great combination with cooler tones. Hello purple hair! The color of Holland is orange so I never really wear this except on Kings Day. Though this jumper surprised me and I’ve already worn it a lot. You’ve might have seen it earlier in my (Dutch) shoplog and decided to keep it. It combined much easier then I expected. The skirt has so many colors in it and I wanted to go save and combine it with deep red but then I saw those orange flower, it’s a match, as always.

back to the future back to the futureback to the future

Everything about this look is preppy, so to say and I love preppy, a lot so I don’t mind. Besides that, it’s all about the combinations. This oranje jumper with wide sleeves makes it 2018 and the polkadot blouse is time less. Tying the bow makes it preppy again. My skirt, which wears super comfortable has this print over lace effect. The blouse is a EU size 46 (UK18) en fits me well. The skirt is a EU 48 (UK20) and is a bit on the wide side but wears really lovely. Adding the fishnet tights makes it a little more tacky, and the glitter boots take away the old fashion-ness. Mix & match is what I love to do!



jumper H&M
blouse c/o Happy Size
skirt c/o Happy Size
fishnet tights Yours Clothing
boots & baret Primark


bekijk hier mijn shop log met de oranje trui:




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