A plus size brand we all know, moved. Bestseller announces: ONLY CARMAKOMA, it’s a curvy world!

The Danish plus size label Carmakoma is well known in the plus size industry. Lately it was a little silence around the brand and now we know why. Starting this month, Januari 2018 the brand has fused together with Bestsellers’ brand Only and goes by the name ONLY CARMAKOMA. I’ve asked the founder & designer of Carmakoma, Heidie Lykke what the new collection will look like, what her inspiration is and who is her muse? ONLY CARMAKOMA

The Danish Carmakoma is founded in 2008 by Heidie Lykke and is a plus size fashion brands for women in sizes EU 42 up to 54. The brand is well know for their use of nice fabrics, good quality and the perfect fit. Its collections are for the fashion forward curvy woman, casual and at the same time timeless. Recently Bestseller accounted that the brand has been fused together with Only. We know Bestseller from its other brands like Jack & Jones and plus size label Junarose.

Only’s CEO, Finn Poulsen explains that the plus size segment has a lot of potential. There is a high demand on the latest trends in the plus size industry, who offer the right quality and fit for a good price. This is the perfect match with ONLY.

We design clothing which complements the female, curvy silhouet which it deserves. This way we make sure you look radiant each day.

Bestseller new label

After hearing about the fuse of these two brands I contacted the designer and former owner of Carmakoma, Heidie Lykke. I was so forward to ask her a couple of questions about the move, the new collections and her inspiration on the new collection.

What was your inspiration for the new collection?

Heidie Lykke: “For the first drop (launcing in January) our inspiration is from ONLY CARMAKOMA’S mother brand ONLY and my former “baby” CARMAKOMA. ONLY CARMAKOMA will be very strong in Denim for the coming collections and this is because ONLY has over 25 years experience in denim – so we will be introducing some of the most technical and fashionable denim fabrics and details. Another inspiration we keep in mind is Rebel versus Feminine sweetness.”

Who is your muse for this collection?

Heidie Lykke: “Our Muse for the first drops are Dua lipa. We are always very inspired from Music and movies. The mood you come in when you listen to a certain track. I always change our muses each season because inspiration comes from all over – the DNA will not change this will be the same .”

Can you describe your ‘master piece’ in this collection, the one item that you fought for and makes you proud?

Heidie Lykke: “I am so proud that we managed to launch the first ONLY CARMAKOMA drop in 4 months time. I think this is amazing and this is really a sign on how strong and very competent team we are at ONLY CARMAKOMA, real team work. With ONLY CARMAKOMA we have the whole world as our play ground and if we keep up the good work I really believe the potential is huge and I can not wait to be a part of the journey. Being able to make much larger collections, in all the colours we believe in, and offer a full range concept is a dream. For our Girls we’re able to offer amazing prices – I know many young girls & students will be so happy about this. It’s amazing being able to offer great fashionable products at amazing prices. We are really gonna make the curvy girls love us!”

How will ONLY CARMAKOMA be different and new/refreshing?

Heidie Lykke: “The larger collections, lower prices and a full range collection will enable us to show our full signature. Both Rock chick rebel as well the classic Carmakoma styles will be in the collection. This way there will me more young styles as well, with t-shirts, colourfull prints and lots of jeans. So we have both the Young and colorful together with the more sophisticated styles.”

What are the color shades used in the collection?

Heidie Lykke: “We have Red, animal print, Blue and Peach. The following collections will be very colourful (but of course we will also have black).”


What I’m most enthusiastic about is that Carmakoma has always been a strong, high quality brand. It breaths fashion and dares so much more. Their usage of fabrics, materials and quality has always been top knotch. Will this mean that a larger brand will make it more available?

During the launch the brand will only be available online at Wehkamp en Zalando and on their own webshop onlycarmakoma. Their goals is to be available worldwide within a year and if possible, even in stores. The collection has been presented to the major played in the Netherlands, as well as the rest of Europe, Canada and the US.

The brand will sell sizes 42 up to size 54, which is UK 12 up to 26. The brand stands for stylish garments, latest trends but with a personal touch. The most important part is their focus on the perfect fit! Because, according to them, fashion should adapt itself to the body and not the other way around.


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