office ready!

office ready!

How to get office ready in spring! Combine items in a way you can go casual or city chic

Spring is here but work too, unfortunately. So what do we wear on those warm days? I am always confused what to wear. Outside it’s nice and sunny but in the office the cool airco is on all day. So a comfortable jacket is necessary.

office ready! office ready! office ready!

You have seen me before in this faux leather jacket, but in black. This winter I wore this jacket all the time, it’s comfortable and looks great. So when I saw they had this jacket again for spring in pastel colors I was so happy! This faux leather jacket fits perfect because the inside of the sleeves is from jersey. The faux leather is slightly stretchable too and is not lined.

the devil wears Prada, but what do you wear to the office?

A pair of cigarette trousers is necessary if you are an office girl. A great style to wear in so many ways. The classic mid fold and the dense stretch fabric make these pants very classy. I am wearing it with open sandals with a small heel, but these pants are also great with high heels or those men’s shoes. With these pants you can easily wear your shirt tucked in -something I rarely do- and finish it off with this small belt.

office ready! office ready! office ready!

The jacket I’m wearing is a EU46 which is a UK18 and has a genuine fit. These cigarette shaped trousers are a bit sturdy and shouldn’t fit too tight if you ask me, this is a EU size 50 which is UK22. My sandals have a subtle heel and can be worn to the office as well, on a casual Friday.


jacket & chino’s c/o MS Mode
sandals Primark
sunnies zara



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    I like your outfit. I personally like leather jacket but this jacket is something i never knew can look this awesome. You look awesome. Great post!

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    Hi there, love your side & style!
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