new glasses

new glasses

Finally a new pair of glasses, which one did I pick?

For a while now I have been searching for a new pair of glasses but I wasn’t sure what type. The glasses which I have now are nice but they hurt my ears after a couple of hours which is why I never wear them. Time for something new, but what? I went to so many stores, from small towns to big cities like Amsterdam but couldn’t find anything I liked. I decided to check online and found Polette via Lesley’s blog A very affordable (international) optician with fashionable glasses!

nieuwe bril

It’s been a while since I tested my eyes so I decided to go by the store. They checked my eyes and did all the measurements and it was luckily still the same as my current glasses. The staff was friendly and helped me choose. I got the article number and prescription so I could order online. How does it work? Well you order your glasses online and they produce it directly in their Asian factory. It will take about 2-3 weeks for them to send it. Though I received it within 10 days, lucky me. Thank you Polette! Would you like to read more, check out their website.

It was like a candy store to me! Such fun frames, cute colors and lots of fashion. The frames are really affordable because they come straight from the factory. I was so exited. I wanted to pick out something bright blue or screaming pink but since I am also applying for jobs I decided to go for something more serious. This was the top three, selfies with no glass in it yet though:

Which ones I’ve picked? You’ll see that soon on theBiggerBlog!

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