my big brother

my big brother

Today it’s all about my big brother, the artist

He’s probably think this is lame, his little sister writing a blog all about him! I promised you guys to tell you more about me and my life. Today’s it’s my brother’s birthday, so a good reason to tell you who’s in my life and what’s going on. A little party today on theBiggerBlog, plus I’ll show you what awesome stuff he makes.


I think that’s the best way to describe him, as an artist because he does so many different things. He’s a graphic designer and has a huge passion for calligraffiti. This is a combination from graffiti and calligraphy. I love his work and I can honestly say I am a proud sister. I am creative in my own way, but when it comes to lettering.. I can never fit it on the page, or I skip a letter. Nothing for me. He writes on anything! From a piece of paper, to the walls of a hotel, baseball caps and even a trailer, he’s done it all.

mijn grote broergrote broer

instagram goals

When I started out with my own instagram account I remever how happy I was with my 400 followers. He just laughed. Now I’ve reached just over 7000 and am still proud but stopped comparing it to his account. He’s now over 25K, sigh.. But I don’t mind to stand in his shadow, I am a proud sister. Here’s a video on his instagram where he wrote my name with water during our trip to France.

brother and sister 

I have a big sister and a big brother, which I both see and talk to a lot. Lately I’ve been helping him out a lot with his business. He has lots of new assignments and I have some extra time. I like to do new things and to get into the world of arts. It always amazes me how modest he is about his work. Do check out his work on instapram and let me know what you think? Despite that we make photos all the time, I can’t find a recent photo of him and me together. This photo was made exactly 33 years ago today. 

grote broer

dear brother, happy birthday 



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  • Tamara TS 7 November 2016 22:06

    Geweldig, zo’n broer met talent! Van harte gefeliciteerd!

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